Composition & Music Direction

Please enjoy a brief look at my recent work as a theatrical composer, lyricist, and music director. I am currently most excited by composing music and lyrics for new work, setting Shakespeare text to music, and developing soundscapes for performance.  Further music examples, lyric samples, and professional references are available by request and searchable at:

The Legend of Sleepy HollowHOLLOW+announcement+pic+(3)

Dir. Nancy Cates

Music, Lyrics

Ohio Shakespeare Festival 2022 (upcoming)

“Just in time for Halloween, Ohio Shakespeare brings to new life Washington Irving’s classic story of Ichabod Crane, Brom Bones, Katrina Van Tassel, and the infamous Headless Horseman. Continuing the Ohio Shakes Family Theatre Adventure Series (Robin Hood…, The Three Musketeers…, Treasure Island…, Maid Marion…) this world premiere musical is an Ohio Shakespeare original, fit for the whole family to enjoy together.”

The Three Musketeers: An Adventure with Music

Photo: Heidi Hodges

Dir. Marcy Kearns

Music, Lyrics, Direction

Door Shakespeare 2022

“This rendition, adapted by Joe Pine in 2016, is enhanced by original music from Scott McKenna Campbell, who portrays the slightly daft, guitar-playing Planchet…The Three Musketeers: An Adventure, with Music is a delightful retelling of a classic story and an enchanting way to spend a night in Door County, discovering dashing characters and daring plots lurking beneath Door Shakespeare’s tree branches.” –Erica Bousca, Door County Pulse

“Woven in are songs that tell of thoughts and feelings of men of bravado, of souls wrapped in love…This is live theater, and exciting stuff.”

“In the thick of things is music director and composer Scott McKenna Campbell, playing guitar and singing and enacting the role of Planchet, lackey to the hero.” –Warren Gerds,

The Tempest

Dir: Todd Tenning

2022 TEMPEST-106
Photo: Heidi Hodges

Music, Direction: S.M. Campbell

Door Shakespeare 2022

“The prism that is William Shakespeare radiates distinctive hues in a production of “The Tempest” being presented by Door Shakespeare…Scott McKenna [Campbell’s]… acting, composing, music-making and inventing skills add volumes to Door Shakespeare productions.” –Warren Gerds,

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Photo: Scott Custer

Dir: Tess Burgler

Music, Lyrics and Direction: S.M. Campbell

Ohio Shakespeare Festival 2021

“The greenshow features new, original music by company member Scott Campbell, who also portrays the mischievous sprite Puck in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” –Kerry Clawson, Akron Beacon Journal.

“The production, under Tess Burgler’s direction, is mindful of Elizabethan staging and delightfully effervescent. It is seasoned with period songs and musical interludes played by performers that add to the ambiance.” –Bob Ableman, The News Herald.


Photo: Heidi Hodges

Adapted by Guy Roberts; Dir: Michael Stebbins

Original Soundscape: S.M. Campbell

Door Shakespeare 2021

“Ryan Schabach’s act isn’t entirely solo. Elaborate “dressings” abound. Collaborations come in music, sound effects, fog, lighting effects, scene changes and costuming trickery. Production meetings must have rained ideas. All those “little things” add up.” –Warren Gerds,

Photo: Scott Custer

Maid Marion: An Adventure with Music

Book: Sarah Coon; Dir: Nancy Cates

Music and Lyrics/Music Direction: S.M. Campbell

Ohio Shakespeare Festival (Fall 2019)

2019 Cleveland Critics Circle Theatre Awards: Special Mention for  original music and lyrics in the world premiere

“This high-quality family entertainment at Ohio Shakespeare Festival has it all: Accomplished acting, great stage combat (Ryan Zarecki), adventure, romance and highly enjoyable original music by Scott McKenna Campbell…The music enhances the story beautifully, from a drinking song to love ballads. Amid Campbell’s nimble lyrics, he takes the implied final word from each stanza in “One More Ale” to apply ingeniously…” –Kerry Clawson, Akron Beacon Journal

Merry Wives Fairy Photo
Photo by Heidi Hodges

The Merry Wives of Windsor

Dir: Marcella Kearns

Music and Lyrics/Music Direction: S.M. Campbell

Door Shakespeare (Summer 2019)

“The performance closes with the entire cast, many bearing instruments, capping things off with a joyous song.”  —Warren Gerds,

Many Merry Days [Reunion Performance]

Windsor Opening [Rehearsal Midi]

Photo: Heidi Hodges

Henry V

Dir: Matt Daniels

Music and Scoring/Music Direction: S.M. Campbell

Door Shakespeare (Summer 2019)

“…thoughtfully balanced, delicate, perfectly pitched original soundscapes.” –Bela Sandor, Playwright

Dear Old Albion’s Shore [Archival Track]

Photo: Heidi Hodges

Much Ado About Nothing

Dir: Joe Hanreddy

Music and Lyrics/Music Direction: S.M. Campbell

Door Shakespeare (Summer 2018)

“Much of the music suggests the yearning – for love and a better, less divisive world – evident in so many of the songs popular during the Civil War, as lost souls longed for home.” –Mike Fischer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Campbell’s other songs live and breathe what’s happening around Shakespeare’s characters.” –Warren Gerds

Door County I’m Coming [Reunion Video]

Photo: Heidi Hodges

The Comedy of Errors

Dir: Leda Hoffman

Music/ Music Direction: S.M. Campbell

Door Shakespeare (Summer 2018)

“Music floats around. Three musicians perform pieces by player/composer Scott McKenna Campbell, some full songs but many snippets played during scene seques.” –Warren Gerds

Photo: Teresa Castracane


Dir: Alec Wild & Jeff Awada

Partial Music and Lyrics: S.M. Campbell

Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Academy for Classical Acting MFA (Summer 2018)

“Our adaptation of Pericles includes several songs, and lots of music performed by the cast…The original music is truly original.” Alec Wild, Director (Academy for Classical Acting MFA Program)

Invocation [Rehearsal Midi]

Photo: Scott Custer

The Three Musketeers: An Adventure with Music

Book: Joe Pine; Dir: Nancy Cates

Music and Lyrics: S.M. Campbell

Ohio Shakespeare Festival (Fall 2017)

Swordplay and singing shine in ‘Three Musketeers’ at Ohio Shakespeare Festival…Original music by Scott McKenna Campbell is a large element of this new work, which includes lovely singing.” –Kerry Clawson, Akron Beacon Journal

Photo: Len Villano

Twelfth Night

Dir: Joe Handreddy

Music and Lyrics/Music Direction: S.M. Campbell

Door Shakespeare (Summer 2017)

“Driven by nostalgia, their string-based score reminds us that both music and this play are overshadowed by time, as we continually recede from the songs of our youth toward the sound of silence. Music hasn’t done so much, this effectively, in any “Twelfth Night” I’ve seen since the fun musical pastiche featured in Des McAnuff’s 2011 Stratford Production.”  –Mike Fischer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Music is quite famously mentioned in the opening line of the play. It ties together the rhythm and action of the comedy as contemporary acoustic sounds to the songs of Feste the Jester played here with an earthy, organic charisma by composer and music director Scott McKenna Campbell.” -Russ Bickerstaff, Shepherd Express

The Fool’s Zaney [Archival Track]

Len Villano: Heart of
Photo: Len Villano

The Heart of Robin Hood

Dir: Shanara Gabrielle

Music and Lyrics/Music Direction: S.M. Campbell; Mitch Fergusson

Door Shakespeare (Summer 2017)

“Music and song factor in quite a bit. The company introduces the tale in full voice. Along the way are songs ranging from of yearning…to roguish jest…”  -Warren Gerds,

Take the Oath [Lyrics: Campbell; Music: Fergusson]

Photo: Scott Custer

Robin Hood: An Adventure with Music

Book: Terry Burgler; Dir: Terry Burgler

Music and Lyrics/Music Direction: S.M. Campbell

Ohio Shakespeare Festival (Summer 2016)

“A new production of “Robin Hood: An Adventure With Music,” written by Terry Burgler with music and lyrics by Scott Campbell, kept the audience laughing and cheering” – West Side Leader

“The Music & Lyrics by Scott Campbell satisfied a rapt audience of toddlers to seventy year- olds.” -Lisa DeBenedictis, Independent

The Sweet River Idle [Archival Track]