Closing 1 Henry IV with the Ohio Shakespeare Festival

This weekend I will be wrapping up my role as Bardolph with the Ohio Shakespeare Festival’s production of 1 Henry IV.  The production has been well-received, and we would love to share it with as many people as possible.  Please join us at 7:25 for a musical preshow. Having directed music for Richard II last winter, I am now actively hunting for a production of 2 Henry IV that would let me complete the tetralogy in a single calendar year


(Greenshow with Jason Leupold on guitar.  Photo Credit: Jan Leupold)
(Greenshow with Jason Leupold on guitar. Photo Credit: Jan Leupold)


Photo Credit: Christopher Scinta

Tonight marks the opening of Shakespeare in Delaware Park’s 39th Season providing Buffalo, NY with free, professional Shakespeare performances.  Please join us as we perform this sweeping history, Tuesday-Sunday nights through July 13th.  Stay tuned for updates on my upcoming work following the SDP season.

Graduation and Henry V

This month I completed my Master of Letters in Shakespeare and Performance from Mary Baldwin College. I was honored at the ceremony to receive an award for Outstanding Service to the MFA company. This week I began rehearsals for Shakespeare in Delaware Park’s “Henry V,” an exciting project that will open in June and run six night per week until mid-July.

Shakespeareances Review for 2014 MFA Play Festival



Scott Campbell and Will Campbell in Rogue Shakespeare's Fuente Ovejuna.  Dir Beth Burns.  Photo by Norm Shafer.
Scott Campbell and Will Campbell in Rogue Shakespeare’s Fuente Ovejuna. Dir Beth Burns. Photo by Norm Shafer.

Shakespeareances Review for 2014 MFA Play Festival

The beginning of April saw Mary Baldwin College’s Rogue Shakespeare MFA Company performing all five of their plays in repertory.  While not a company member, I acted and played music in Dr. Faustus and Fuente Ovejuna while acting as Musical Director for Richard II.  Prolific Shakespeare reviewer Eric Minton made the trip down for the festival and shares his insights into the Shakespeare and Performance offerings.

While not my best press cutting, I was tickled to be acknowledged for providing, “some cheeky fun as two of the devils, guest artists Scott Campbell and Ian A. Charles appear to her as lewdly masked male strippers.”  I was glad to arrange the music and choreography for this “textually supported” routine, but hope that the word cheeky wasn’t an intentional play on words.



Join Staunton’s “Lark in the Morning” for the following holiday weekend gigs: Saturday (2:00-4:00) at McGrady’s in Charlottesville; Sunday (11:00-2:00) at Corgan’s in Harrisonburg; Monday (11:00-2:00) back at Corgan’s; Monday (8:00-11:00) at McGrady’s.

From Faustus to Fuente: Working with Rogue Shakespeare

Photo by Norm Shafer (

Rogue Shakespeare has officially moved Dr. Faustus to the back-burner until this Spring’s MFA Festival at the Blackfriars.  In the meantime, I am pleased to announce that I have been cast as Alonso in Rogue Shakespeare’s Fuente Ovejuna.  I am excited to once again be working as a guest performer with Mary Baldwin Shakespeare and Performance’s MFA company, especially since this production will be directed by Hidden Room Theatre Founder/Director Beth Burns.

Opening Dr. Faustus with Rogue Shakespeare


In three says, Staunton, Virginia’s Rogue Shakespeare will open its Renaissance Style production of “Dr. Faustus.”  Featuring the Mary Baldwin S&P MFA class and three M.Litt program members, this minimally rehearsed, undirected look at the work of one of Shakespeare’s most popular contemporaries is sure to surprise.  I will be playing the Old Man, a demon, and a musician while also helping to coordinate music.  Show dates are Jan. 27, 28, and 29 at the Blackfriars Playhouse in Staunton, VA.

“The Winter’s Tale” with Grain of Sand Theatre

This week I will be playing Camillo in Grain of Sand Theatre’s “Shakespeare in the Pub” staged reading of The Winter’s Tale.  Join us at 7:30 PM at the Limerick Pub in Wheaton, MD.  Having performed as Lysander in an earlier pub series production, I can guarantee fine food, affable company, and increasingly slurred classical drama.  

For more information, or to support the fine folks at Grain of Sand theatre, visit their website:

Upcoming Headshot Set
Photo Credit: Pat Jarrett

This week I had the pleasure of sitting for head shots with  Staunton photographer Pat Jarrett (known locally for his beautiful shots of this season’s American Shakespeare Center productions.)  I highly recommend his work for anyone seeking friendly, personalized photo services.